Fishing Report

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.
As the Admiral Seas It
Fishing Report: 8/24/14 to 8/31/14
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Jc Sportfishing Charters is a family owned and operated business and has been fishing in Cabo San Lucas for the past 18 years. Jerry, explains that his charter business is geared more for families and novice anglers, making sure everyone who charters a boat with him have a great time and lots of fun. We welcome families, and groups. We want everyone who fishes with us to take all the sites in and have memorable experience. This is what is most important to us. We have and do a few tournaments each year and can cater to fisherman who might be interested in tournament fishing. Well lets get on with the fishing report for this past week.
WEATHER: Well the weather is hot and humid and finally hurricane Marie did go by us and was a ways offshore when it past by so we skated by that one which could have been pretty bad as it was a big storm. Right now and over the last few days it has really been humid and hot with highs in the ladder 90,s and lows in the ladder 70,s. We did get a little wind and rain from Marie with a little flooding downtown for a day but that’s about it.

WATER:  The water temperature has  cooled and is cooler all the way to Chileno Bay and then it starts to warm up again. When I say the water has cooled I mean from about 85 to 86 down to 81 to 82 so not like cool cool!! But cooler.Go to to check out map.

TUNA: Still another slow week of Tuna fishing. We are expecting anytime to run into a nice school but it hasn’t been happening lately. Anything that has been caught is close to the beach using cedar plugs and king busters. I don’t know when Mexico is going to wake up and start protecting the sport fishing and all the tourist dollars that come into the area because of fishing. It seems no one is thinking of the long term affects this will have on the tourist and sport fishing industry. Not only that the sport fishing and tourist industry employee many, many families here in Los Cabos

BILLFISH: The fishing has been good since Marie passed by us and the port opened back up on Wednesday with great Striped Marlin fishing and even good Blue Marlin fishing this past week from the 95 spot to San Jamie Banks. Live bait and lures have been enticing them into biting. There has been 3 fish over 300lbs caught in the last 4 days and one of them was caught by our own boat and we released it after a good fight. Good numbers of Sailfish being landed all week about 3 to 4 miles off the Pump House area using ballyhoo. So it is really staying consistent through out the week and we expect more good fishing next week.

DORADO: The Dorado fishing has picked up compared to last week and following Marie with some tipping the scales from 20lb to 40lbs. Please if you are catching baby Dorado throw them back for another day. You will be surprised how fast they will grow over a year. If they aren’t over 10 pounds you might think about throwing them back.

INSHORE: Inshore fishing has been really good compared to last week with lots of Dorado being landed from Grey Rock to Rancho Migrano and also some nice size Roosters caught off Pedregal Beach using lice bait. Lots of Needle Fish and Skip Jacks being landed and this is great action for the kids if you have any in your group.

 WAHOO: We are pretty happy!!! Surprisingly another good week of Wahoo fishing and jet heads and live bait are doing the trick. The 95 spot to Rancho Migrano has been the ares that are producing. The Wahoo fishing has picked up and we did land a 60lb fish the week before on one of our boats and you can see the a picture of the fish on the home page of my website.

From The Admirals Kitchen!!

For something new and different!

4 large needlefish
1/8 tsp.   salt and pepper
1/8 tsp.   garlic powder
2    cups  flour
1    cup   corn meal
1    cup   milk
1    egg
oil for frying

Clean needlefish by scaling, removing guts, and taking off head.
Cut into 4 inch pieces and place in bowl in which the whisked egg
and milk have been placed.  Sprinkle some  of the salt, pepper, and
garlic powder in with the fish.  Heat oil to 350°F.  Mix flour and
cornmeal together with rest of salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
Place needlefish in flour mixture and roll to coat, let sit in mix for a
few minutes.  Fry until golden brown.  Bones will be green!  No
harm, just a phosphate of iron.
            They are good.

Needle Fish Information!!!

The Keeltail Needlefish, Platybelone argalus, whose common Spanish name is Agujón de Quilla is a member of the Needlefish or Belonidae Family, known collectively as “agujónes” in Mexico.

The Keeltail Needlefish is one of the more exotic and unique fishes of Mexico and has an extremely elongated cylindrical body that is greenish blue on the upper back that abruptly transitions to silvery well above mid-body. They have very long beaks (25-27% of standard length) and the lower jaw is significantly longer than the upper jaw, and they have small teeth. The tail base is flattened with a large lateral keel, for which it is named, that is at least three times wider than it is deep. The caudal fin is slightly forked and the lower lobe is slightly larger than the upper lobe. The pectoral fins and pelvic fins are short.

The Keeltail Needlefish is an oceanic pelagic found in the first fifteen feet of the water column. They reach a maximum length of 50 cm (19.7 inches). The Keeltail Needlefish are found from San Quintin to Cabo San Lucas along the west coast of Baja, in the southern half of the Sea of Cortez, and along the coast of the mainland from Acapulco south to Guatemala. They are a very rare species and very little is known about their behavior.

Due the unique shape of their tail base and the elongated slender body they cannot be confused with any other Needlefish.

The Keeltail Needlefish is too rare and too small to be of interest to most.

BEWARE: Please beware of the guys in the street selling boat charters. If you wait till the day you are fishing and go to the dock where your boat is many times people will mislead you to another boat or dock trying to put you on a boat that was not meant for you. You need to have a person guide you to your boat, who is from a reputable charter company. This way there is no confusion or misleading. Please remember when renting Sport fishing boats in Cabo that you rent your boat from reputable and established business. Walk into a fishing fleet office and ask questions about what you are getting and what are the costs? You dont want to rent boats from vendors in the streets and you do not want to book through shady websites offering you the world. Check through travel forums about reputable fishing fleets to deal with. Look for testimonials about the fleet your booking your charter with. Ask about what will the boat be supplying? Will it include beverages or lunches? How much does it cost to fillet your catch? Check to see if charter boat is insured? Ask about getting your catch smoked? Check cost of fishing license. These are just a few things to consider when booking your charter boat. We will be talking more about this in next weeks fishing report. Until next time good fishing and we hope to see you in Cabo soon. Come by the office here in Cabo and get all the latest up to date fishing report.